Which Dragon Age: Origins Warden are you?

Which of the main six wardens - Sahra Aeducan, Varin Brosca, Brennan Cousland, Kenna Amell, Shiral Tabris, and Revas Mahariel - is your personality most like?

This quiz is based on custom Warden characters, and is thus not reflective of "canon" personalities, such as they are, in BioWare's estimation of the story.

Created by: Miri
  1. Who can you always trust, no matter what?
  2. If the cuckoo won't sing...
  3. You have to kill someone.
  4. Your weapon of choice?
  5. Pick a song.
  6. What angers you?
  7. What would the person you feel you've failed the most say to absolve you?
  8. Pick a life philosophy.
  9. What is your heraldry?
  10. Why?

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Quiz topic: Which Dragon Age: Origins Warden am I?