What song best suits you

Have you ever wondered what song you are? Are you hip hop, clasical, or in between. Find out and learn. There are 4 songs that will be matched with your personallity, actions, and relations with other people.

Music is a very important part of us bla bla bla. I dont want to bore you people with the history of music. I honestly dont think you would even read this. All i want you to do is take the quizz and get it over with

Created by: violet

  1. You find a dollar on the streets what do you do
  2. Fav color
  3. Witch statement sounds good to explain you
  4. Whats you faviort hobby
  5. What are you doing right now
  6. If you could be a fruit wich one would you be
  7. Whats you fav object
  8. If you could fly were would you go
  9. What color would you want you hair to be
  10. When do you want to die

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Quiz topic: What song best suits me