Which Paramore Song Are You?

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Have you ever sat and thought about which Paramore song you are? If not start to wounder and if so ENJOY :D I've always woundered what Paramore song I am so maybe there are people out there like me :D

Do YOU steal people's partners? Are YOU sad? Are YOU madly in love? Are YOU obsessed with Sponge-Bob? Do YOU like chocolate ice-cream? Ok I'm kinda straying of the subject, So just ENJOY :D

Created by: Abbs
  1. Ok first question, are you single?
  2. Are you normally alone?
  3. What is your veiw on religeon?
  4. Halfway there :D So, anyway your best friend is going out with this guy you've been crushing on for months! What do you do?
  5. What would you describe yourself as?
  6. What do you think other people would describe you as? (Be honest)
  7. Who is your idol?
  8. !NO EFFECT! Do you like Paramore?
  9. Almost done :D Anyways, whats your favorite colour
  10. Last question, when do you plan to get married?

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Quiz topic: Which Paramore Song am I?