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  • Fire:

    Your best match is with an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. You like a partner who's intense and even a little dominating. There's nothing you like better than someone being completely into you. You are not an easy one to catch, so you need a bold partner who is up to the challenge.

    YAYZ! ! xD i hope this comes true! This is very fascinating! lovee the quuiiiizzz!! xD

  • I got 76% fire. I am a Cancer woman that has been married to a Leo man for 46 years. Every astrology book I've ever read said that Cancer/Leo doesn't work. It does, because the moon only shines because of the sun. The sun would not shine at night if not for the moon. And the mighty sun can be eclipsed by the tiny moon...if only briefly.


  • Earth. I think that is really happening. What's ironic is that my boyfriend is aN Aquarius. I'm an Areis.

  • Water,I am water sign.Next was Air lol.

  • I got earth!


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