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  • Definitely diapers. I just got my diapred changed.

    • really I am 9 and don't pee a dribble nasty ass

  • One time I was at a sleep over and I forgot to go to the bathroom before bed and I wet the bed really bad but my friend was understanding and he even helped me clean myself up. I was very embarrassed but he said that you can't control it and that he stilled loved me just as much. He even let me sleep with him because I couldn't sleep. He's the best!

    Soccer ninja
  • My friends and I were at summer camp. I planned to have SO MUCH FUN! I didn't have a sleeping bag, so I just brought a pillow, a blanket, my retainer, toothbrush, hair brush, etc.! My friends and I all were drinking a lot of soda. At first, I declined, since soda makes me wet the bed, but my friends asked me "why?" So I drank it. Deciding I would go before bed. We all went hiking and by the time I got back to the cabin, I was exhausted, so I passed out on the top bunk. The next morning, I woke up, at first, I didn't notice what was happening, I looked down and realized just how big my bladder bulge was, instantly after my realization, I began peeing, I just layed there, my eyes closed, peeingn my heart out, when I heard a scream, the girl beneath me. Oops! Forgot I was on the top bunk! I heard, "Elaine's peeing!" And one girl ran to get the counselor, I fell back asleep. "Elaine!" Whispered a voice in my ear, I opened my eyes to find my counsellor next to me. My cabin mates whispered, "Elaine wet the bed!" I blushedz

    • Lol, that is cute. You really should have had a diaper on though

    • Diaperlover69 I am 14 and I really love wearing diapers and going right in them but I cant buy them and am scared to tell my parents that I want them could you maybe get me some or help me thanks.

  • i wonder what stupid thing is that people say you get you first bla bla bla.

    good quiz bro. you got it right. underwear is my life :)


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