What should you wear to bed?

There a many things to wear to bed, and many reasons to wear those different things to bed. By the end of this quiz you'll know what and why you should wear something to bed.

You may need diapers, PJ'S, underwear, or nothing. There are many different things that you do to need these, and many preferences you have to need the final result.

Created by: Colton
  1. What do you wear to night now?
  2. Do you ever pee and/or poop yourself when you sleep, even if its on rare occasions.
  3. How do you like to be at night?
  4. Do you care what people can see when your asleep?
  5. What do you wear in the day?
  6. How do you feel about yourself?
  7. How do you sleep?
  8. How well are you at holding in pee/poop at night?
  9. Do you sleep with someone?
  10. Why do you get up in the morning?
  11. What do you do before bed?

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Quiz topic: What should I wear to bed?