What kind of undies should you wear?

Most people wear a first inner layer of clothing. Are you wearing the right kind? See what style suits you and your personality best. Maybe you'll try something new.

See how your personality hints at which aisle you should go to the next time you're refilling your undies cabinet. Just a suggestion, now. What will you get?

Created by: Poot Poor McScooter
  1. What is the most important quality when you look for undies?
  2. What kind of pants are best?
  3. How would you describe your legs?
  4. Would you be fine with people seeing you in your undies?
  5. What is your biggest concern with what's on underneath?
  6. Do you like to keep up with the times?
  7. When do you throw your old ones out?
  8. Are color and patterns important?
  9. Which sounds most convenient?
  10. Which sounds like you?

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Quiz topic: What kind of undies should I wear?

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