What should you wear?

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Welcome to my quiz! Have you ever just not known what to wear? If so, this quiz is meant for you! The results you can get are a comfy, fancy, athletic, casual, or cute outfit. Of course, you don't have to actually wear what your result tells you to, its just a recommendation!

Please comment and rate this quiz. Also make sure to share this quiz with your friends! I hope you enjoyed taking my quiz and I hope that it helped you choose what to wear!

Created by: QuizMaster123
  1. What type of outfits do you wear the most?
  2. Where are you planning to go today?
  3. What is most important to you in an outfit?
  4. What word would you use to describe what you usually wear?
  5. What do you usually wear on the bottom?
  6. What do you usually wear on the top?
  7. What shoes do you usually wear?
  8. Do you care about what you wear?
  9. Do you wear jewelry?
  10. What hairstyle do you usually wear/Like the most?
  11. What do your friends think of your outfits?
  12. Would you rather always have to wear ugly and comfy outfits or cute and uncomfortable outfits?
  13. Did you enjoy this quiz? (No effect)
  14. Will you comment and rate? (No effect)
  15. Are you ready to see your results!

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Quiz topic: What should I wear?