Which Dress Should You Wear?

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Ever wonder which dress you look best in? Thinking of getting a new summer dress to stun your friends? Or maybe a cute fall dress to complete the look! ;) I've got ya covered!There are 5 possible results...

Tell me which one you got! Comment and rate! Would you look best in a long or short dress? Or maybe a bold one? Take the quiz and find out! Thanks! Oh, and check out my other quizzes too! ;)

Created by: cakes
  1. Which color do you usually like to wear?
  2. What do you wear when you are home, by yourself?
  3. What would you wear to a date night?
  4. Are you more outgoing or shy/reserved?
  5. Which word do you think I your beauty word?
  6. What is your body shape?
  7. Do you have nice legs?
  8. Do you have um... ahem... a nice bust?
  9. What is your style?
  10. Which color do you look best in?
  11. Rate?
  12. Comment?

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Quiz topic: Which Dress should I Wear?