How Casual Are You?

This is my very first quiz and I am so excited for you guys to try it out. I’m sorry if it isn’t as accurate as you expected.It’s just I’m brand new to this site so things are a bit hard.

This quiz is going to tell you how casual your personality is! Are you a Casual or Fancy person? Take this quiz to find out. Play with friends and family to find more about each other! Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: MizziWizzie648
  1. Do you like Casual Clothing?
  2. What type of clothing do you usually wear?
  3. Do you dye your hair a lot?
  4. Do you wear makeup?
  5. Do you wear accessories and/or jewelry?
  6. Do you have Casual friends?
  7. What’s your favorite color?
  8. What Color are most Your Clothes?
  9. How fast do you walk
  10. Are you happy with what you wear?

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Quiz topic: How Casual am I?