what's yo outfit style homies

this quiz will determine what kind of outfit style you like or wear. it might not guess correctly, it might will we'll never know :0000 ok now go have fun byee

oh yeah in able to be able to publish this i need to make ten questions and this paragraph. sigh siga sigh sighb sighc sighf sighg sigh sighi sighj oh it done

Created by: Julianna
  1. if your mom said you had your room fixed what would be your expectation?
  2. it's your first day in middle school and you want to be in the right kind of group. which group would you be in?
  3. you want to do a garage sale to give up your old toys to children. which toys do you want to give up?
  4. what's your favorite color?
  5. last question! btw this won't effect your score >o< how would you rate this quiz?
  6. answer this randomly
  7. answer this randomly (it won't affect anything)
  8. doop doop la la oop
  9. answer randomly (=∆=)
  10. answer randomly

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