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  • Idk how to draw people fighting. Action is super boring to me. Also I suck at poses.

    Good quiz I am suffering sooooo badly from art block well I can draw still just my mind is running on empty basically I have no creativity I am only participating on draw this is your style challenges on the internet and also redrawing some of my past drawings idk the last time I drew something just without thinking feels like Ive already drawn everythign and this is the end but Im gonn go now prob I will draw my OTP now that it has been mentioned although I suck at drawing boys :/

  • I suck at drawing I suffer from artist block all the time and drawing is not my thing space is like planets im forced to do drawing because of school Im never going to art class its because of the cronavirus lock down and the school gave me a packet to do it sucks as hell its like ya like i just been hit by a nuke full of cronavirus ( covid-19) from China by the way I......

    Xx BruhXx
  • I liked the quiz but it didn't give me a very good answer. But overall it is quit good bait I hate it.

  • Great quiz, I got scenery. Maybe, though, you could try adding animals for one of the options. Just my opinion.

    Julia Anderson
  • I've tried a few quizzes and I keep getting scenery which I can't draw but I like to photograph it.

    Jay Taylor
  • I was thinking what to draw but I couldn't think of anything, Cool quiz!

  • Let's start sketching

  • thank you. i was looking for something / someone from tLoZ specifically but i got "just a person". thank you. good quiz though

  • MAH OTP... IS... My two OCs. Purple and Faith. Yesssss they r both girls, but Purple is bi. Faith is gay all the way!

  • I think it’s cool that I get to draw the beauty of the world!!!

  • Nice . i got a fight scenery .

    jemah jempot

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