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  • Spend time with people ok.” Hey mom lets play cards!” “No.” “Sis?” “No.” “Dad” *snores in his sleep* welp to bad.

    Ivypaw Jul 8 '18, 12:00PM
  • Tks Google. I go for a long drive

    Premkumar May 11 '18, 12:14AM
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  • I should study and work more but......
    OMG I fogot I have homework that is due tomorrow!! Ahhh

    JellyBely26 Oct 24 '15, 5:24PM
  • I should study :) I really should!!...

    Cool_Kid Apr 9 '15, 10:22AM
  • I should spend more time with people . Okay, I will . :)

    fatii96 Aug 15 '12, 2:07PM
  • True

    Athena2217 Aug 15 '12, 11:53AM

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