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  • You should do Ice skating, but. On second thought... Someone might end up in first aid! Mabye gowling. Bowling is reallly fun! Maybe... Thorpe park. Or a theme park of some sort.

    Presents! I ALWAYS have diffuculty choosing as well. Mabye, Chine dolls. Chine dolls are stunning! Mabye a thing you hang on your light. Or a cushion you know them circular ones, and there really comfortable. Or you can get something you want, that is suitable for your age. The only advice that i can give is, have a wonder shops seee what you like. Have a wonder at your friends house. See what they got, that maybe you'll like!

    Good luck x
    Wish you a very happy birthday x

    Crystal Star
  • Bowling, ice skating, or swimming?

    Um maybe a mini fashion kit (it has fabric and stuff so you can design your own fashion!) You could be the next big designer...

    GTQ hasn't been working for anybody, don't worry. GTQ guy might just be updating it or it's just a glitch

  • About the loading thing, almost everyone had this today and we don't know why. It is only on Gotoquiz because it's own server doesn't work. Hope that answers your question.

    Happy B-day!

  • you should go to like a bowling place, and you should get

    like a thingy thing or whatever idk im not good at making decisions :(

  • Ooooh oooh you should get.....

    Uh, I don't know... Nail polish kit? I'm not into that stuff myself.... Just forget I said anything....


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