What should I ask for my 11th birthday?

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Hello. I need to talk to you. In a couple weeks it is going to be my birthday but I don't know what I should ask for my birthday and I don't know where to go..so I need your help! Thanks!

Can you tell me what I should ask for my birthday? Can you tell me where I should go on my birthday? Please answer in the comments! Thank you so much!

Created by: Angelica

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  1. Hello! So..on August 26, it's going to be my 11th birthday! (yay!) But I don't know what I should ask for my birthday! (aw!) So I want to ask you guys what I should ask for my birthday!
  2. I want you to tell me what I should ask for my birthday! BUT..NO TECHNOLOGY! (like phones, computers, cameras, ipods, mp3 players, etc.
  3. There are only two things that I want so far...clothes, jewelry, and something for nails.
  4. I want something fun, something that I can use all the time!
  5. Oh, and tell me where I should go on my birthday..but NOT movie theater, Oaks park, roller skating, I don't know about restaurant,and no Disney land (or something like that). I want to go somewhere really fun!
  6. I'm gonna give you some hints. I will not invite my friends (I'm not suppose to). I don't think you should say make up. I am FEMALE! I am not suppose to have technology yet so NO TECHNOLOGY! That's all!
  7. If you have any compliments, that's fine but I still need what I ask for! :D
  8. I also want you to answer this question.
  9. I was trying to go to gotoquiz on Google but it wasn't loading. It never loaded, so I thought the internet didn't work so I checked and it did work.
  10. I tried going to another website and it loaded so I thought that I can go to gotoquiz now. I went to gotoquiz again but it didn't load.
  11. So now I just noticed that all of the other websites work except gotoquiz! How did this happen? Why?

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