What Shape Are You?(GIRLS ONLY!!)

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This is my first qwiz ever! Anyway, there r many shapes in the world like a diamond, a circle, a rectangle, etc. But which shape r U?!? R u friendly, smart, popular, or mean? I hope u get wat u wanted.

R u a circle, a triangle, a heart or a square? Your result doesn't have to be your favorite shape, and besides, it's just for fun. I mean your not going to turn into the shape your result is. Circle-loyal. Triangle-smart. Heart-girly. Black-rude.

Created by: Skaterchic
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. This is a common question, but wats your fav color?
  2. Would u post a pic of yourself on the internet naked or wearing just bra and underwear?
  3. Some1 pushes u for no reason. U...
  4. Wats your fav music?
  5. Fav kind of movie?
  6. It would be weird if a boy took this qwiz, right?
  7. That last question had no effect so your safe. Fav chat site?
  8. Wats your usual clothes?
  9. Wat shape would u want to get?
  10. How did u like my first qwiz ever?(No effect)

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Quiz topic: What Shape am I?(GIRLS ONLY!!)