girly girl qizz

I really love being a girl!don't you?this quiz is about what girls are like if their was a world for girls.just like some girls they wish to be differernt.

Are YOU a girly girl??Do you have the power to qualify to be a girl?Until now thanks to my awesome quiz,you could only wonder.Luckily in just a few minites you could find out!!

Created by: poppy

  1. are you a tomboy or a girly girl?
  2. do you like climbing trees?
  3. do u own a handbag?
  4. how many pairs of shoes do you have?
  5. whats your favourite colour?
  6. what would you rather have?A pink frilly skirt or a green t-shirt?
  7. in the girl world,would you live in a...
  8. do you have a flat screen tv?would you if you could chose
  9. if us girls could name our own world,what would you call it
  10. when a boy asks you out what do you say?

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