What Shakugan no Shana Character are You?

Have You ever wondered if you are like your favorite anime character? Well now you can find out if you are like a Shakugan no Shana character! Simple questions will determine who YOU are most like!

Are you most like popular heart throb Sakai, flame haze Shana, shy quiet Yoshida, braniac Ike, wimpy Tanaka, delinquent Satou, or annoying Ogata? WARNING: may contain spoilers for people in season 1.

Created by: Nicky of fveveg.com
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  1. In your social groups what role do you play?
  2. What do you think of love?
  3. Who's your favorite Shakugan no Shana character?
  4. What is your family strusture?
  5. What's your faorite color?
  6. Do you like DBSK?!!!!!!!!!
  7. What sort of person are you?
  8. What would you flame haze name be?
  9. Are you sure you don't like DBSK?!!!
  10. Do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Shakugan no Shana Character am I?