What's your true phobia?

So what are your true fears? Sometimes maybe it's fear itself. Sometimes, it's not, it's something bigger, or something you don't know about. Let yourself take the time to get an idea.

What are YOU truly afraid of? Fear itself? Maybe you're braver than you think, or fear something you didn't think you did. Allow me to use my quiz to point things out.

Created by: Emily Jones
  1. Do you mind going to the doctor for shots?
  2. How are you with bugs?
  3. Can you be off the ground without a problem?
  4. What's your reaction if you see a snake?
  5. As you're on an elevator going up a glass building, you look down and see the street, at least 150 feet off the ground.
  6. Your parents asked you to go downstairs to the basement and grab something out of the closet. As you open the door, there is a cellar spider crawling up the door in fear of you *the human*
  7. Your best friend has recently fallen in love, you have this feeling that they're going to abandon you.
  8. As you drive by on the highway, you pass a car accident and see blood.
  9. You have a big project due, and it's worth as much as a test.
  10. You're about to get your answer

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Quiz topic: What's my true phobia?