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  • Fabulous
    Stunnin g
    All of the above are describes 'bout diz test .
    C ya :*

    jemah jempot Apr 23 '18, 6:06AM
  • I am a star! Does this mean that when I do a spell, I should be in a star shape?

    MissElsa Feb 10 '16, 2:22PM
  • This is my result: a squiggle.

    You are unique, and you usually like to be alone. You spend a lot of time thinking about yourself, and, even though many people don't know it, you have a sense of humor.


    Ar e you stalking me, quiz-maker? lol

    PalmStrike Mar 2 '13, 12:46AM
  • What's your power symbol?
    Your Result: Your power symbol is a circle
    You're talkative, outgoing, and extroverted. You are always looking for new friends, and you already have lots of them. You really enjoy meeting new people, and you're comfortable talking in front of a crowd.

    dead on except i hate tlkin in front of crowds

    xevx Jun 14 '10, 10:00AM
  • really good quiz! Thanks! Im a circle which sounded just like me. then i got:

    Your power symbol is a star
    Your power symbol is a squiggle
    Your power symbol is a diamond
    Your power symbol is a heart

    aszand_58 Dec 28 '07, 8:05PM
  • Cool. I'm a circle. Good Quiz.

    edmontonianatheart Dec 28 '07, 7:54PM

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