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  • Great to see my quiz has been recieved well. And sorry about Zealot being shown as "Aggressive", as Zealots tend to try and force their beliefs upon others - that's why I said it was aggressive. Sorry to Firey_Soul, and anyone else who got the "Zealot" philosophy and disagreed with it. If you do, however, disagree with your result, try going back through your answers and alter them if needs be

  • Your Result: Zealot

    You're certain that your beliefs are the only truth that matters! You feel those who don't agree with you aren't worthy to exist! A very aggressive and evil philosophy, whatever your beliefs may be! Try not to be too stubborn about them

    What?! That's not true! All I say is "I'm always right, 'nuff said." Is that really so bad?

  • Hi - I'm the creator of this quiz. Just a note - I realised it's impossible to get "Wanderer"...sorry about that, but when I made it possible to do, that was the ONLY result you could get. Just so you know, Wanderers are a little bit of everything, so if you get a bit of a balance between everything, then you're most likely a Wanderer

  • Scientist

    You're logical and calculating. You feel that the world, or even the galaxy exists to be studied and understood. A philosophy of great intelligence - you must be a bright one!

    Awesome quiz! :)

  • Eco. I didn't get this, but whatever.

  • looks like I'm wanderer, from what robotix said.


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