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  • I got the typical kid :p

    HyfrJazzy Jan 6 '16, 5:45PM
  • Typical Kid.

    Yeah, that pretty much describes me. And I'm with glitterchick97, I'm also homeshooled. But that would be me. I loved your quiz! 5 stars!

    MusicMaster Jan 7 '15, 5:38PM
  • I got quiet kid. It describes me pretty well. Good quiz.

    theCursed Nov 13 '12, 10:44PM
  • typical kid :DDDDD

    Xx 3mo_Star xX Oct 6 '11, 9:50AM
  • Definitely mature.

    Appayipyip42 Oct 5 '11, 8:07PM
  • Mature Person. You are mature for your age. You don't care a lot about being "cool", you really, really, really try to do your work and get good grades. You may very well have friends that are older than you.
    I'm a mix - I can be afairly immature at times, but very accurate quiz - I really like it. No wonder this quiz moved up 107 spots.

    Davis313 Oct 5 '11, 6:44PM
  • Lol, mature person, sounds exactly like me x]

    Loony Luna Oct 5 '11, 2:27PM
  • Your Result: Typical Kid
    You are a very typical high school student. You have some friends, but you aren't the most popular kid in the school, you do your work and get average grades. You may have got to into o trouble once or twice, but it's not a regular thing. You are a nice enough person, but do things that aren't so nice once in a while, you like to be cool, but aren't a trend-setter, you aren't shy, but may take a while to warm up to a new person.

    i hate to admidt it but yeah, sounds like me.

    Ali4ever Oct 4 '11, 7:31PM
  • Mature person? I like that. Awesome quiz! :P

    Crazy and quiet Oct 4 '11, 7:26PM
  • I got typical kid:) actually I'm homeschooled but if I were public schooled that would be me:D good quiz 10/10

    glitterchick97 Oct 4 '11, 11:19AM
  • Mature Person?Hmmmm,I could see how that could fit.....

    MayRose Oct 4 '11, 12:39AM
  • They got me exactly, I'm a typical kid, I was a little unsure at first but then I read the description so I guess there right.

    Lizy Oct 3 '11, 10:50PM
  • I got typical kid. Yeah, that seems about right. =)

    _ViolaLover_ Oct 3 '11, 10:39PM

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