What's YOUR friend group in MY story???

This quiz is actually, pretty much just an introduce to my story. I was bored and made this because I am interested in what people think about it and what do people answer the most.

Answer these seven semi-serious questions to find out are you part of The Nerds, The Weirdos, The "Trouble Makers" or the Very Random Group! And also, have fun with answering these questions!

Created by: Will

  1. Okay, let's start with a basic question that everyone hates... Your favorite color please? (Or what is the closest)
  2. Okay, now more serious. Favorite type of music?
  3. If you stay up late, what are you doing?
  4. Do you think of yourself as...?
  5. What is love?
  6. What motivates you in life?
  7. Are you enjoying?
  8. You see me at the street, what do you do?
  9. If we got to know each other, would you like to be friends with me?
  10. Now, what was your opinion? (Won't affect!)

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Quiz topic: What's my friend group in MY story???