Warrior cat love story --- 1

FOR SHE CATS ONLY! So, this is just a warrior cat live story. I made it because I took LOADS of quizzes like this and saw that not only I liked them, but they were really popular!

PLEASE READ!!! Chainmail is NOT permitted in the comments. No chainmail ever. And it doesn't work anyway. It's just a thing that happens between a group of friends and then moves to another group via one of the people and so on.

Created by: Yo momma

  1. So, you have just become a warrior in your clan, Fireclan! You are SUPER HAPPY when another warrior comes along. "Hey," he says casually. "I have to show you to your den. I'm Silverclaw, by the way." Silverclaw has a black pelt and emerald green eyes. So...?
  2. Next, a ginger tom comes to congratulate you. His name is Shadowleaf, and you've known him since you were kits. "Congrats," he says. "So, where's your den?"
  3. It's nightfall, and you slip into your den. Silverclaw is in the den next to you. You chat for a while before you go to sleep at around midnight.
  4. The next morning, you wake up at sunrise and go for a wander. You are by a river in the woods and you bump into Shadowleaf. "Oh hey," he says, "Cedarstar asked me to tell you that you're on patrol this morning. You can take two others." (Cedarstar is your leader.) You choose...
  5. When you are on patrol, a silver tom with bright blue eyes walks up to you and whoever you took on patrol. "Hi," he says. "Are you one of the new warriors?" You just stare at him. "Oh, this is Cloudpaw," says one of the cats you took. "He's just a friend of mine."
  6. You, the people you took and Cloudpaw wander back to camp after the patrol. You and Cloudpaw start a conversation, but you soon notice that Shadowleaf is missing.
  7. You and Cloudpaw search for Shadowleaf all over, and the last place you look is the medicine den. Shadowleaf's inside! Silverclaw is asking him what happened, and you notice Shadowleaf's ear is bleeding and he has a scratch on his face.
  8. Shadowleaf manages to tell the whole story. Cedarstar assigned him to a lone hunt and a badger attacked him. You look at him dispairingly and feel very sorry for him.
  9. So will you comment and rate?
  10. Did you like it?

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