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  • Your Result: Dog

    You are the friendly type who everybody loves to be around. you are loyal and trustworthy no matter what. people always comment you on your keen senses and you are always in the centre of attention

    I love dogs. it's pretty accurate. I think this is an ok quiz.

    animals1234 Feb 20 '10, 4:18PM
  • a wolf,that is so totally awesome!!!!i love wolves!!!!

    emogurl530 Nov 10 '08, 6:45PM
  • wolf! ^.^ awesomeness. wolves are insanely cool. nice quiz

    dragnluver193 Nov 10 '08, 5:01PM
  • wolf:sweet!

    wolfluvr101 Nov 10 '08, 4:56PM
  • rabbit! nice quiz.

    misskiss Nov 9 '08, 2:45PM
  • Pretty cool quiz, make more
    (p.s. comment on my easy star wars quiz, plez!)

    cheesedude87 Oct 26 '08, 1:06AM

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