What's animal are you??

Ever wondered what animal you would have been if you were part of the animal knigdom?? Why you seem to howl at the moon or go mad about the mail man? Are you meant to be in the sky or just in bed!

Take this quiz and find out...If you are vicious, king, timid, wierd or just down right dumb!! Answer honestly as it affects your furture whether directly or indirectly and unhonest answer will haunt you for the rest of you life.What animal best fits your personality and a inside look on who you are.. don't worry i didnt really look inside you...This quiz will help you work on you faults and know what to carry on doing..

Created by: "Prince's~Assassin"

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how would you descibe you in one word
  2. are you phsically stronger than most people your age
  3. are you easily scared or fearless
  4. do you fit in or stand out in a crowd
  5. do you make people laugh
  6. do you get groomed (A.K.A. HAIRCUT)
  7. what would you love to be for a day
  8. is boredly a word
  9. do you like day or night
  10. what do you prefer

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Quiz topic: What's animal am I??