What region are you from????

Before i decribe: take this quiz seriously. Dont pick one because its funny. Youll regret it. Ok, now ill describe. This is based on a story im writing. Valley of Dreams is at war with Canyon of Death.

So now you are filled with knowledge. OK... not much else to say... HI BUDDY HERE WHATS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? Yea and.. this will be repeated.. Dont know if you care but.. pleaaaaseee comment! la la so.. comment?

Created by: Ellie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. So.. Hi!! :)
  2. So.. whats ya favorite.... COLOR?? jk.. how about.. food?
  3. sorry to ask this but.. whats your grade average?
  4. ok, sorry bout this but.. fave color?
  5. if you had a scarfish thing.. how would you wear it? (this is more for girls, cuz only they wer them) and yes it counts.. a lot
  6. whats your personality?
  7. what do you do in your spare time, eh?
  8. how would people/you describe you/yourself?
  9. ... whats up?
  10. wer would you most likely be found?
  11. well.. thats basicly it.. so uhmmm.. i hope you leave a comment!
  13. i think i might make a random quiz.. if you wanna take it ill name it ThE rAnDoM qUIZ or something.. rate my quiz to if you please.. excuse me.. i have to sneeze. (rhymes)
  14. bye best friend!

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Quiz topic: What region am I from????