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  • What rank are you in a Wolf Pack?
    Your Result: Scout 86%

    You warn the pack of any other incoming packs. You also give messages to other packs, and take orders from the Beta, and Alpha. Without you the pack would probally be destroyed by another pack.

    84% Hunter
    76% Alpha
    70% Beta
    66% Omega

    Imma scout?? What the... If i'd see a tranger wolf i would cower and hide!!! Yep,that's meh...

  • Alpha

    You are the leader of the pack. Everyone does your command, and everyone listens to you. Protecting your pack, and taking responsibility with every thing that happens you live a hard, but free life.

    Yeahh buddy!

  • I liked the quiz and gave it a 10/10 but i imagine that everyone that takes this quiz will anwser each questions with the anwsers that lead them to the ALPHA even if its not really how they are :)

  • I honestly tried to get the position that Boo Boo Stewart (Seth Clearwater) is in his Quilette wolf pack. Team Seth.

    Duhh Sunshinee
  • Thanks for taking my quiz! Its not true so dont be sad if you get Omega!

    (just kiddin its as true as it gets...>:P)

  • it was a pretty good quiz, 8/10 stars! I got Alpha, which isnt supriseing.


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