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  • You all asked the same, saying that hispanics and whites should not be together and the saying the creators a racist. The only thing I hate more than a racist is a hypocrate.

    Hikaru Katsu
  • what was up with that question about which quality annoys u the most? that pins one quality to each race that defines them entirely. sounds like the creator of this quiz is a little racist themself...

  • I'm against the following: Syrians, jews, Arabs/Arabians, Turkmens, Gypsies, Slavs, Aborigines, non-whites, Koreans, Indians, Chinese (not Tibetans), Iraqis, and yiddish people, and that's the racial minimum, I'm banning them out of my country and the only Africans I want are white Kenyans and white South Africans. :)

  • @ dood45: That's' the exact same question I came here to ask. Why'd he have whites and hispanics lumped together on nearly every question. Must be an idiot, no?

  • Dude, why are whites and hispanics in the same place? Pretty friggin' obvious that the moron who made this quiz is racist.

    Baby Ima Anarchist
  • Why do you have whites and hispanics in the same group?

    hispanics are very diverse, only a minority of them could be considered white.

  • get over the fact that whites and hispanics are in the same group.science reconizes 3 forensic races mongoloid(chinease, japanese...),negroi d(black) and caucasian (arab,european,hisp anic...) so zip it.and on the quiz i got not racist at all.


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