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  • My name is Bobo the talking purple banana

  • "I will definitely kill you all."

    This is the most haunting quote, and makes all too much sense. You probably got this when you were in a bad mood. But even so, do me a favour and please don't kill anyone.

    lol maybe true but this got be laughing hard,thx ig

  • "Why can't you people just leave me alone?" idk how I got that... I'm not always depressed or angry at all XD I still think this was a good quiz though :D 10/10

  • Inoncent until prove guilty. The actual bit underneath is SOO true. :)

  • "life is a rollercoaster"... dats cool..i do believe in it 2.. coz u might never know wat will happen 2 ur life... since sumtimes its up or down... so keep enjoying life guys!!


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