What quote are you?

Hello, people. It's Mr.Anonymous. I was having a hard time finishing this quiz because my brother kept hogging the computer. -.- Plus, my friends have been pressuring me a lot.

Since they wanted a quiz so badly, here it is. This quiz is about quotes that define your character and traits. Just answer the questions and press the submit button.

Created by: Mr.Anonymous
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  1. You are driving on a busy road, and you got into an accident. The driver gets down and starts yelling at you. You...
  2. You get the chance to play a prank on someone you hate. You...
  3. Which of the following would you choose to eat?
  4. Which weapon do you like the most?
  5. You are required to participate in the upcoming civil war. You are ordered to kill an innocent child. You...
  6. Which of the following are you most likely to say?
  7. What weapon would you choose?
  8. If you were seated next to some COMPLETE MORON in class, and it was getting annoying, you would...
  9. What book title sounds the most interesting to you? (These are fictional book titles)
  10. What superpower would you like?

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Quiz topic: What quote am I?