Numb3rs quotes quiz: Who said what?

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NUMB3RS QUOTES QUIZ: WHO SAID WHAT? Welcome to my Numb3rs quotes quiz! Are you the biggest fan of this show? Answer the following 47 questions and you'll find out!

Match each quote (from seasons 1-6) with the right character (you can choose among the 4 options given). At the end you will know from which episode each quote is taken. Ready Steady Go!!!

Created by: numb3rsaddicted
  1. "Some guys like women who can handcuff "˜em."
  2. "Guys, for following orders, not your best moment, but thank you."
  3. "My predilection to white food is not pathological."
  4. "A=B=C=D. It's like one of Charlie's equations ... I can't believe I just said that."
  5. "In Antartica we were used to doing everything very quietly. It's like a big library ... with penguins."
  6. "Lots more line up to get turned away. Don't ever say I don't take you to the hottest places."
  7. "Don, you have a big ego."
  8. "Hugh Jackman in a Wolverine outfit. Now that was hot."
  9. "Don't go all Isaac Newton on me."
  10. "They're having an all-night math-a-thon in the living room."
  11. "Uh. Th... Scrabble's missing a piece!"
  12. "Is gazillion a real number?"
  13. "Don't ask me. When Charlie started talking about 4-D mapping I just did the smile and nod thing."
  14. "Nice to see your social skills are as sharp as ever."
  15. "Ooo, math fight!"
  16. "Well, you were about fifteen seconds too late with that thought."
  17. "I have a way with children ... I've been told I do."
  18. "How inflexible of them!"
  19. "It must feel good to be legit again."
  20. "I'm cool until everything quiets down. Then it's like my head is a bad neighborhood to be in."
  21. "There's a symmetry to my chaos."
  22. "Good guy, bad idea. Story of my life."
  23. "Yeah,well,in that case,I'm starting a new tradition. The frightened student dash."
  24. "Larry is into the White Stripes?!"
  25. "Let's you and me go in and grab his ass!"
  26. "And we're sending the bill to the FBI!"
  27. "With Charlie, he's having so much fun working that he can't stop working."
  28. "Since when did my last name become a predicate adjective?"
  29. "I don't even dream normally."
  30. "I'll take your camera."
  31. "This explains the conspicuous lack of grandchildren."
  32. "If I look around, I can probably still find my leather pants."
  33. "My book will be called Two Days with a Computer Illiterate!"
  34. "You can't expect me to know everything, right?"
  35. "That's what he needs, a seminar from the dateless wonder."
  36. "Glad to see you're taking my advice and having some fun."
  37. "It's from someone who says she's a fan of my work. She's also a fan of"
  38. "If you want to get out of it, now's the time to run like hell."
  39. "Younger brothers can definitely be a trigger."
  40. "Clearance or no clearance, he still knows how to make an exit."
  41. "According to my instructor, in the event of a firefight my best course of action is to get into a fetal position and call for my mama."
  42. "Hey, get your vogue on, Charlie!"
  43. "I like coming whenever Charlie gives one of these math-for-dummies lectures. It's the only time I actually understand what he's talking about."
  44. "I'm in pursuit of a burgundy-ish, sort of Merlot colored ... umm what model car would you say that is?"
  45. "To Donny Eppes, a born cop ... a most excellent one."
  46. "Fame for privacy? Are you kidding? Not me, no thank you."
  47. "Everything changes, everything's the same."

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