What powers do you have inside?

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Having powers is fun but takes a lot of work and you have side affects. I get sick a lot, so you want to be careful. Everyone has a power but they need to unlock it. Very few of us have found the key to unlock it. This test will help you find out what power you have, that is about as much as I can do for you. Keep believing and you will find it.

Can you blow trees down or make it rain or snow? Find out what powers you have by taking this test! You could have water, air, or ground, who knows? Good luck!

Created by: Aim
  1. What weather do you like the most?
  2. What power would you want to have?
  3. What would you most describe yourself as?
  4. Do you ever get chills even when it isn't cold?
  5. Do you believe that you have a power?
  6. What are you good at?
  7. What power do you think you have?
  8. What element has been around you your whole life?
  9. Do you ever get sick.
  10. Do you practice any fighting skills?

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Quiz topic: What powers do I have inside?