What pop song matches your personality?

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this quiz is for what song matches your personality if you liked the quiz follow me on roblox and my username is horrorkittyLila246 or Bubbiebumfull also check out the website bexisenglish

I hope I did it right! if not why not try a quiz that you can make! I did the exact same and its as safe as possible! I promise that you will get some views!

Created by: katie

  1. how old are you?
  2. what would you do on the last day of school or work?
  3. who is your favourite celebrity?
  4. what animal do you love?
  5. what emoji describes you the most?
  6. what tv show do you watch?
  7. do you have a crush?
  8. do you have a pet?
  9. do you have siblings?
  10. are you bored?

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Quiz topic: What pop song matches my personality?