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  • Aww ye! I gots Growlithe! The description fits me perfectly. Loyal and trusting; and I'm trustWORTHY! This was awesome!

    angelpuppy725 Jan 10 '18, 5:45PM
  • Mewtwo isn't evil, the story of his live is sad...

    Well i don't know am i Mewthree or Mewtwotwo. The test says just Mew. As a best, call me Mew Pur Pur.

    MewPurPur Jun 28 '15, 1:35PM
  • I was expecting Sceptile
    Dammit I'm piplup s--- I hate dawn

    dbzgirl Nov 6 '13, 11:06PM
  • Awesome, I got a fire type!!! Im Growlithe!!!

    melton2001 Sep 5 '13, 8:58PM
  • Awesome!! Fire type! Im Growlithe

    melton2001 Sep 5 '13, 8:56PM
  • mew yay I'm legendary!

    Myth Mar 3 '13, 10:40PM
  • I am Staravia. Of course i am, i am a born flier.

    Purest Kludd Mar 21 '11, 9:08PM
  • nice!! got piplup. that's like me. i knew i was water type.

    Ansa89 Nov 6 '09, 4:29PM
  • i got medicham

    waylon May 13 '08, 9:32PM
  • Wow,I got Piplup!I always thought we had something in comon.

    FunFun12 Apr 17 '08, 10:18PM
  • <.<

    Nonsense_Questions Dec 23 '07, 6:09PM
  • Do you like my "What Pokemon Will You be" test?

    Chris1023 Dec 23 '07, 6:05PM

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