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  • Meowth...this quiz is scaringly accurate...

    RedFoxz Mar 13 '18, 4:13PM
  • 78% meowth. Lol

    Anonymous4151 Aug 7 '15, 4:13PM
  • MEOWTH!!! i like the one from team rocket!

    i gots swag Jun 6 '15, 8:51PM
  • AHAH Pikachu 90% this quizes are scaringly accurate for me

    hurrcan Mar 12 '15, 6:09PM
  • I WANTED PIKACHU!...and Im not crazy I just really like pikachu...

    blue dragon Mar 9 '13, 5:54PM
  • Psyduck! I was dissapointed but then I read the descrition and it's perfect...

    Twiggs Dec 13 '12, 1:40PM
  • im a cute little purple oddish! the description was almost all right exept i do hold grudges.

    secret8 Jun 15 '12, 2:52PM
  • Oddish! I Am So Cute!

    SilverMoon8 May 14 '12, 3:52PM
  • pigeot almost e but not quite i prefer to be alone then with people unless its my girlfriend.

    rockstar98 Jan 11 '12, 6:29PM
  • I got Pigeot. Aw man, I really wanted Pikachu.

    InfinityGAL Dec 10 '11, 4:00AM
  • Ugh.Onix?Really?The quiz was fun.The result?not so much.

    VioletStarr Oct 29 '11, 8:31PM
  • Pigeot.totally accurate but i love dark and dont hate being alone

    Viktor Jul 28 '11, 9:59AM
  • I got Pidgeot, surprizing. The description is partially accurate. yeah i do prefer to be with my friends and everything, but i dont dont mind being alone. also i love the dark.

    scorpion May 29 '11, 5:00AM
  • yay!(: i got onix!:)

    cayla white Apr 11 '11, 6:22PM
  • my friend got beedrill who ever that is

    bvb rocks Mar 7 '11, 7:49PM
  • Onix is cool i remember when it used to be spelled onyx and golbat was goldbat...

    Gylfie Dec 28 '10, 8:54PM
  • pretty cool

    Who Dec 29 '07, 1:34PM

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