What pokemon are you

Have you ever played a pokemon game,or watched the show, and wondered:hmmmmm I wonder what pokemon I would be. Well heres your answer!!!!!!!!!! Try me out now!

If you think youre someone awesome like charizard or blastoise... YOURE STUPID! JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!! If there was ever a way to find out who you are this is it!!!!

Created by: Jacob

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  1. (pretend you're already a pokemon) You lose your first battle, and your trainer is upset, what do you do?
  2. You are a wild pokemon, and are enjoying life in which environment?
  3. You win a fashon show, and you're reaction is....
  4. You just lost to a very powerul gym leader what do you do?
  5. A bunch of people are picking on your trainer how do you react.
  6. You and your trainer are walking in the forest and you see a beginner trainer who cant catch a pokemon What do you do for him?
  7. There a SUPER destructive force attacking a town ahead what do you do?
  8. A rare pokemon appears, but your trainer doesn't notice. What do you do
  9. You are put against a type that's super effective against you what do you do?
  10. How as this quiz?(no effect on results)

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