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  • Critic: AppleBerry (AppleBerry@Royal.Net)
    My Quiz Result: Cat
    Creators Score: 85

    Comments: Very accurate result, seeing as how I alread have 3 cats and want so many more. This was a great quiz! The only thing I can see needs a little cleaning up is more answers, even if you get accurate results, people might have more than one type of pet, I have 3 cats, 1 puppy, a guinea pig, and fish. Good quiz though! 6 Stars!

    Email me for more info, tips, and links! ;-)

  • Your Result: Cat

    dOES not need as much care as a dog but make sure you love and care for it. they also love to do their own thing and are also very curis. But they know you well so they know when you need conforting

    Yeay! cats rock your socks!!!!

  • Nice quiz, I like that it had no bad language etc. Great Job!

  • good job. accurate 2, i have 2 dogs.


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