What Outfit Is Perfect For You On Animal Jam?

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Ever have troubles finding out what outfit you should wear? I know I do. That's the reason I created this quiz! It may not be helpful for some people, though :(

If this does help you, I want to know! I'm really glad that people actually take my quizzes and tests ;) Jam-A-Gram me! I'm Turbodragon :) Check out my Youtube, too? TurbodragonAJ :P Thanks!

Created by: Turbo Dragon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's Your Favorite Color?
  2. How Many Buddies Do You Have?
  3. Which Do You Think You'll Get? (No Effect On Result)
  4. Do You Watch Any AJ Youtubers?
  5. What Would You Say Your Personality Is?
  6. How Rare Would You Say You Are?
  7. How Are You Today?
  8. Do You Get Many Buddy Requests?
  9. Choose A Smiley!
  10. Sorry To Ask This, But Did You Like This Quiz? :)

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