What outfit MUST I wear today?

Do you want to try something new? Well with the quiz down below, you can try a new outfit you might have never considered ... maybe you will be shocked or you might even cry over how ugly it looks.

The point is that you should stop reading this paragraph and start with the quiz, because i want you to look silly.. hehehe. BTW, you can go follow me on instagram @Kyra Briedenhann ... (I know ya probably don't care, but oh well)

Created by: Kyra Briedenhann of Youtube Channel
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  1. Are you obsessed with always looking your best no matter what?
  2. Do you like to spend time indoors or outdoors?
  3. Do you think you look fashionable right now?
  4. What colors are your favorite?
  5. Do you like weird fashion trends?
  6. Which season?
  7. What gender are you (btw... even though this question is like almost last, doesn't mean that it does not affect your result, because only in the end it will start to calculate and generate your result... wow, i seem so smart)
  8. Choose...
  9. Choose... (again)
  10. Which brand do you like best?

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