What one of my warriors OC are you?

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This is a quiz for you to find out witch one of my warrior cat OC’s you are! Please rate at the end and comment what who you got! I hope you will like the quiz!

This quiz is for warrior cat peeps only, you will not understand ANYTHING if you don’t know that book, even if you have only started it, then you can take this quiz. Ok? Ok!

Created by: RoseDaSwiftWing

  1. What do you like doing in your free time? (Answer as if you are a clan cat)
  2. Btw all of them are in ThunderClan, Except ONE! One, is in ShadowClan! Ok, next question is below!
  3. What one of these words stand out to you the most?
  4. The one in ShadowClan is a loner in the end bc she (oops) she/he (ha you don’t know now) brakes the warrior code
  5. PICK A COLOUR (i’m Sorry)
  6. Ok sorry about the last one 😅 What do you want to get? Has no effect!
  7. ...........hm.....WHAT YO FAVOURITE FOOD OUT OF THESE!?
  8. I’m sorry i’m Out of ideas!
  9. Ha last question had effect, and SO DOES THIS ONE!
  10. .....halp me. WHO KNOWS WINGS OF FIRE? (This has effect, somehow)
  11. I know what your thinking, “How could that last question have effect?” Well, it’s because of your reaction, what answer u picked!
  12. Last question: did you like the quiz? Will you comment and rate? Please do! I want to know what everyone gotttt!

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Quiz topic: What one of my warriors OC am I?