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  • yay haha im umm oh yah im wind haha light harded and i dont give a care what others think

    Cowgirl1 Oct 17 '11, 6:53PM
  • Hail doesn't describe me at all. I'm a very selfless person, I just happen to hate the typical dumbasses these days

    JFACmetalhead Dec 5 '10, 9:25PM
  • lightning...i can be very "shocking" at times...XP

    sorentheowl Dec 1 '09, 7:45PM
  • You are: Hail

    You are a feirce and generally unemotional person. Deep down you are sorry for those who don't meet your personal standard. Everything is always about you. People generally dislike you, and you may want to check how you act towards others.

    That sounds pretty accurate to me.

    Kuro Sep 12 '09, 1:12PM

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