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  • Your Result: You fight like Shikamaru

    it's too troublesome to fight, you'd rather take a nap, people call you lazy but you beat them with a strategy you thought up of 200 moves ahead of time

    You fight like Neji
    You fight like Gaara
    You fight like Itachi
    You fight like Sasuke
    You fight like Naruto
    You fight like Rock Lee
    You fight like Kakashi

    Wow i thought i fought like gaara more cuz im just like him i dont belive in emotions espesially love but i am just as lazy as shikamaru :p

  • Could these questions be anymore obvious?! God, you're so stupid!

  • I fight like naruto yea ive other tests and they said the same thing your like naruto.I really dont kno if thats a complimnt or not


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