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  • Lol, honestly, I was just ranting about the name Brittany. Harper would make a good... Um ... What are those things called? Um... Yknow... The disguise name thingies. I dunno, my brains being dumb. Anyway, it'd make a good fake alternate ego name for me.
    Harper could be my preppy side, and my name, Lexi, could be my tomboyish side.

    ghettobabe4ever Apr 19 '19, 8:12pm
  • mariaalbertino, I created this quiz and am sorry if your personality description wasn't yours. (sorry to you, too ghettobabe4ever) but the names weren't supposed to be your real ones. they were supposed to suggest new ones. and maria is just as old as carly or helen, by the way. and did you mean 18, not 118?

    Weirdhead Apr 19 '19, 12:32pm
  • @mariaalbertina69:
    Lol, I agree with you Helen and Carly are sort of older names. Sadly, I got stuck with Brittany or Harper, which don't exactly fit my personality. I prefer my real name, Lexi, alot more. (though I get called Let Luthor alot XD )

    ghettobabe4ever Apr 10 '19, 10:17pm
  • hello fellow gamers,
    i am really really depressed because i got 18 percent and my name (maria) isnt what it should be,i dont like carly or helen,that names are extremely old and i am a proud 118 year old person with an pretty name
    this quiz is buggus
    follow me on insta @jose_castelo_branc o

    mariaalbertina69 Apr 10 '19, 9:15pm
  • Lol 80 % Harper or Brittany. XD I think I'd go with Harper ( ik too many Brittany's and they are always liars and jerks, no offense if you're a Brittany, not all Brittany's are bad.)

    Nice quiz - ghettobabe4ever ♡

    ghettobabe4ever Apr 9 '19, 5:40pm