What Movie Are You?

This quiz is dedicated to FLIGHT. Thanx for everything, luv u more than my seventh toe on my left foot!!! ;) Check out FLGHT's quizzes! They r awesome! This quiz shows what movie is like u or your life.

What movie is like you or your life? Find out here! Afterwards check out some of my and FLIGHT's quizzes! they rock. :)

Created by: gibby

  1. Ok Hi!!! :)
  2. ok how romantic are u?
  3. How many sports do u play?
  4. What crowd do you hang with?
  5. Fav Animal...
  6. How well do you sing?
  7. Fave Clothes to wear...
  8. A perfect day is...
  9. You think 80's movies are...
  10. Something you would LOVE for your crush to do is.
  11. Comment?
  12. rate? Plz check out my other quizzes!!

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Quiz topic: What Movie am I?