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  • Compassion eh? 🤔 The pendulum can swing between that and ruthlessly aggressive.

  • My Result Was pleasure! AWw thanks

  • This is close to compassion. However, the difference is that when you feel compassion for someone you do not feel forced to do something it comes naturally. In your case however it comes with a feeling of guilt and no other way out. Since you know your motivation source you can now use it for benefit. For example if you don't feel like going to work, try to think of what position do you put your boss in, or that many other employees had to go no matter what, while some might have felt worse then you. So stop yourself and think of the consequences the more pity it provokes out of you the more likely you will do what you have to.

    so bloody true DX

  • Your Result: Compassion

    You are a very compassionate person. Either you are very loyal and would do anything to help your friends, or you are just very kind at heart and are willing to help pretty much anyone. Now that you know what motivates you the most you can go ahead and use that knowledge to achieve great things.

    --- thxx -- sweet!!


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