What MHA character are you?

Hi! welcome to my quiz. I can't wait to hear who you get for your result!! if you get toga,bakugou,todoroki,or kirishima (my favorite ones) please leave a comment saying if you got one of them!!

In this quiz you will be filling out answers to find out who you are as an MHA character!! And if you don't like who you got you can go back and take it again!! You can take this quiz however many times you want!!!

Created by: Wolfie_Gothgirl

  1. What is your favorite color? (no effect)
  2. What side would you be?
  3. Who are you hoping for?
  4. What would your quirk be?
  5. What would you do if you were a villain?
  6. Who is your MHA crush?
  7. Why do you think bakugou bullies deku?
  8. Why do you think deku calls bakugou kacchan?
  9. Who do you think bakugou likes?
  10. Why do you think all might calls deku young midoriya?

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Quiz topic: What MHA character am I?