Bakugous reaction to your confession

Hell, why you confessin‘ to me anyway!? Do not confess to me! I‘m not into dating anyway, you cannot force me! You damn extra!! -Bakugou Katuski - Kacchan

Take me instead~ -Mineta. I‘m a better choice -Denki. You choose Kacchan!? Uwa! -Izuku. Really? That Idiot? Hah! -Mina. Be silent! I wanna sleep! -Aizawa.

Created by: Hana
  1. When would you confess to Bakugou?
  2. How would you confess?
  3. If he asked, what would you say you like about him?
  4. Would you fight for him or accept any answer?
  5. How would you treat him?
  6. What‘s your personality?
  7. How tall are you?
  8. For what date would you ask?
  9. Do you want kids?
  10. What‘s your favorite couple thing to do?

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Quiz topic: Bakugous reaction to my confession