What mental illness could you have?

There many typical people and many people with a mental illness. What is a mental illness? A mental illness is a mental disorder that is also a disease.

Are you mentally ill? If so than what mental illness do you have? Until now you can only wonder. But thanks to this accurate quiz, in a little bit, you'll find out what mental illness you have.

Created by: sweetpop134
  1. Do you have suicidal thoughts?
  2. Do you feel depressed at times and other times really energetic.
  3. What one of these sound like you the most?
  4. Do you hallucinate?
  5. Do you hear voices in your head? (Other Than Your Thoughts)
  6. What one of these does your psychiatrist or psychologist label you as?
  7. Are you an anxious person?
  8. Do you have delusions?
  9. Do you experience euphoria or elation?
  10. Do you feel hopeless at times?
  11. Do you feel like people are out to get you?
  12. What one of these sounds like you the most?
  13. What one of these sounds like you the most?
  14. What one of these sounds like you the most?

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