what member of BVB should you marry?

Black Veil Brides is an international rock band. There are 5 members - Andy Biersack, lead singer; Jake Pitts, lead guitar; Jinxx, rhythm guitar; Ashley Purdy, bassist; and Christian 'CC' Coma, drummer.

Let's face it - the boys of BVB are hot! You may think you know your soulmate, but this quiz will help you find out! Sensitive? Nerdy? Outgoing? Party Boy? Find out now!

Created by: mia

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  1. You're out at a club when you hear your favorite song come on. What kind of song is playing?
  2. favorite accessory?
  3. whats your ideal pet?
  4. dream eye color?
  5. favorite color to wear?
  6. others would describe you best as...
  7. your perfect date is...
  8. your 'label' fit in most with...
  9. dream hair color?
  10. Favorite band member?

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Quiz topic: What member of BVB should I marry?